Brandywine High School Class-of-61 and Friends

Last Updated 31 December 2021

New! Yes, we had a 2011 reunion! Click the button below for information

2011 Reunion

Welcome to the online home of the Brandywine High School (Wilmington, Delaware, USA) Class-of-61 and friends. Note that the term "friends" is liberally applied to most anyone we knew while at Brandywine. This includes friends who graduated from (yes, I refuse to bow to the archaic "was graduated from") Brandywine in 1960 and 1962 or thereabouts, as well as friends who graduated from other area high schools in the same timeframe. We might even let a few teachers in. :-)

This is part of E. Nicholas Cupery's commercial website for Farba Research, a consulting company he founded in 1978. In order to keep Farba commercial customers and contacts from inadvertently stumbling onto this Brandywine material, there are purposely no links to this page from the main web site. What this means to you in a practical sense is that -- once you manage to get here -- you should have your web browser remember this address (this is known as a "Favorite" to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and known as a "Bookmark" to other web browsers).

This Brandywine online home is donated and operated by me, Nick, for life (mine, that is). I intend to keep this website, with this exact same name, as long as I live. When this goes off the air, you'll know that I've departed this vale of tears about 120 days earlier, which is how long I estimate it will take my web host to discover that I am not paying them anymore. HAHAHA!

Please feel free to send email to Nick Cupery whenever you like.

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