Farba Research Policy Statement

Farba Research guarantees strict adherence to the following policies, which have never changed in all the years we have been in business:


As you have probably already noticed, our website is all business and is optimized for speed. It does not contain any superfluous junk, such as gratuitous graphics or {gasp} sounds or video animation. If you are looking for endless hourglass cursors, sounds that would disturb your officemates, or winking paperclips, then you are in the wrong place. This is not because we don't know how to clutter up a website with such things; it's because we hate that sort of thing ourselves. We do, on those occasions where it is actually warranted, supply high quality (full color high resolution) photos.


We are often hired as consultants, because we know a lot. But we certainly do not know everything, and we admit it. We pledge to you that whenever we don't know the answer we will tell you that we don't know the answer. Ie, we will not "wing it". Note that we may well offer to go find out the answer for you, under a time and materials agreement.

Code Commenting

We believe in comments. Lots of comments. In fact, it is quite rare to see any line of our code that does not have a meaningful comment attached. Yes, we are talking about every single line of code. It does not cost very much to tack on a comment while you are thinking about an instruction, but it would cost a fortune to figure out what is going on after a few months or years have elapsed (particularly if it is someone else trying to figure out your code). Please do not ask us to supply uncommented software.

Assembly Language Programming

We write in assembly language when execution speed (or processor cycle counting) is paramount. But that doesn't mean that we sacrifice the other attributes of a good program, all for the sake of speed. Specifically, we cut no corners at all when it comes to readability, understandability, and documentability. If we need to employ a somewhat tricky construct in the name of ultimate speed, we will do so, but we will surround it with copious commenting. We do not allow the use of gratuitous assembly language "tricks" just because they may be cool.

C Language Programming

We write in the C language when assembly language is not required. However, the astute reader will be aware that "there is C, and then there is C". Meaning that some C programs are perfectly readable, while others -- of similar task complexity -- are completely incomprehensible. We do not employ programmers who write tricky or obtuse C because it is cool. We supply only highly readable programs (in any language).


Our products and services have always been top notch. We are willing to work hard, but we are not willing to deliver a mediocre product for any price. Please do not ask us to do "quick and dirty" projects.


We only sell products and services that have been fully tested by us. Please do not ask us to deliver work to you that we have not carefully tested before delivery.


We only sell products and services that are fully documented. We are talking about full, accurate, and neat documentation in the form of a word processor file. Please do not ask us to deliver work with no (or lesser) documentation.

Farba Products WORK